Mon Petit Mojave Foundation Inc.

In 2023, after 3 years of bringing music and art to our community, we took the next step in our growth and incorporated into a 501©3 non-profit organization.

Our journey has been unique – we had no clue that our simple of idea of keeping live music alive during the pandemic would result in a significant contribution to the art and culture of the Morongo Basin.

We started producing these shows because we felt an urgency in keeping the music going during a very dark time in our world history. We felt this not just for the musicians who suddenly were left with no gigs, but for anyone that needed the healing power of music.

Our beginnings were rooted in social good – not to make money, or to start some sort of commercial activity, but simply for the love of the arts. So it came naturally to continue in this way, by officially establishing the Mon Petit Mojave Foundation Inc. Our federal EIN is: 92-2962028

The mission of the MPM Foundation is to bring more accessible music, art, and cultural experiences to our desert communities.

What do we mean by 'accessible'?

Accessible has several definitions in common dictionaries, but for the purpose of MPM, we use it to describe our work as being within reach and easy to interact with. We also focus on equity - reducing socioeconomic barriers to access the arts for any and all members of our communities. 

Our Founding Patrons

When we shared with the community that we wanted to make things official and go the way of a non-profit (since our shows have always been free, this made the most sense), the following are those individuals who funded our campaigns to hire an experienced attorney to help us with all the filing. Many of these individuals have been supporting MPM from the very beginning. And, we recognize that there are many, many others not on this list that have also been instrumental to our growth by providing support in all kinds of ways. 

Mike G.
Cheryl Holman
Marilyn Trail
Emily Burton
Bob Lienhard
Aaron Lovato
Elliott Balsley
Terrie Terrell
Pam and Mike Robinson
Michele F. 
Ruieta D. 
Julia Kantor
Ian Stearns
Toni Espinosa

Matthew Silverstein
Motti Shulman
Jamie Lampley
Michael Wielock
Andrea Jensen
Angelique Soobben
Michael Medina
Donna Jerex
Francesca Amari
Judith Paolini
Heather Goldberg
Anna Stump
Jenny Ma
Shari Williams
Ronald Whistler